Basics of Magick Online Course!

November 12th, 2013 by

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Are you interested in the practice of magick? This is your opportunity to study the basics with this fascinating lecture presented by Sandra Cheryl Richardson.

Learn what magick is, the power of the mind and prayer, and how to safely manifest anything you want with harm towards none. Theology is discussed. The Four Elements are presented as well as the following: Magickal Colors, Incense, moon cycles, and more.

This class will benefit anyone searching for information about the art of magick, and is based on Sandra’s book, Magicka Formularia.

This is a basic course on Sympathetic Magick and will presented online in a live, interactive format. $23

Contact Sandra at (305) 265-2228 or at for more information as well as how to sign up for this class.

Preregistration is required because space is limited.
Click here to register and pay for the class:


Handouts are provided.

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