Horoscopes for February 2014

February 11th, 2014 by


Here are my predictions for February! 🙂 What has been divined for your sign?

Aries: Conflicts are resolved and relationships are more balanced. Do not settle in life. If you want something, go after it. Intuition is accurate. Finances are stable. A legal matter is resolved.

Taurus: You are happy and life has improved. Soul mate attractions in relationships bring love and cooperation. Money is abundant. Health is strong. This is the time for action and expression.

Gemini: Family love is unconditional. Good time to redecorate your home. Fertility is present. Act wisely. You are stuck in some behavior or mentality that is controlling and imbalanced.

Cancer: Have no expectation and there will be no disappointment. Negative situations from the past are strong in the mind. You can deal with this in a positive way. Courage and leadership are strong.

Leo: This is a good time for communications. Delegate responsibility. Your thoughts are powerful. Don’t spend time focused on the past. Think about what you want. Eat healthier or take vitamins.

Virgo: Life is satisfying. You are living in the present and taking things one day at a time. An unexpected opportunity presents itself. Evidence is gathered. Wait for the right moment.

Libra: Mental stimulation is highlighted. Creativity and ideas should be written. Express yourself with clear, direct communications to get what you want. Keep a small problem small by addressing it.

Scorpio: Good month for the fulfillment of your dreams! You are happy and the people around you are supportive. Meditation, intuitive increase, and spiritual renewal are shown. Parties are fun.

Sagittarius: Take charge of your life! This is the time for action. Use time management. Arguments erupt due to aggressive new beginnings. There is no need for competition in close relationships.

Capricorn: Good month for traveling and financial increases. It will be hard to resist the advances of another in love. Friendships are strengthened. If love does not bring happiness, it is not love.

Aquarius: There is purpose to your life. Opposites attract. It is better to live together rather than commit at this time. Legal matters are favorable. Time spent in nature can be healthy. Money grows.

Pisces: Finances increase, slowly and surely. You will learn something that benefits your career. Don’t tell everything. Health improves. Make time to meditate. Use logic and common sense.

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