Horoscopes for April 2014

April 11th, 2014 by


Here are my predictions for the month.

Aries: Adapt to changes as needed. Base decisions on prior experiences. If something worked before, it will again. You are very sensitive and psychic. Reflect before acting. A true friend tells it like it is.

Taurus: Enjoy the present! If you have to ask the question, don’t bother; you already know the answer. You gain more from doing something than reading about it. Focus on what you want.

Gemini: This is a good month for travel, career advancement, and moving into a new home. Your memory is excellent. Money should be saved. Psychic intuition is strong. Love is sensual.

Cancer: Let the housework wait. You have direction and purpose for your life. People are devoted to you. Travel is indicated. Intuition is highly accurate. Face the music and the situation will improve.

Leo: Energy should be channeled into your career. Ambition drives you to higher status. This is the time to look good in the eyes of other people. Finances are organized. Relationships need effort and work.

Virgo: You are placed into positions of leadership. Blockages have been released. Good time to move into a new direction. Release judgments that are not working. You are growing spiritually.

Libra: This is a month of happiness! You enjoy love and soul mate attractions in relationships. Life is flowing much better – don’t burn out. Finances turn upward. Health is good. Friendships are strong.

Scorpio: Your body needs rest and the proper nutrition. Good time for a vacation. You have come a long way to get where you are. Don’t focus on going backwards, only forwards. Money is solid.

Sagittarius: This is the month to let go of people and situations that are limiting. If something is not working, try a different way. There is no real plan so think before acting. You are filled with ideas.

Capricorn: Family bonds are strengthened, possibly in remembrance of someone who has passed. Relationships are ideal. Money is abundant. Make healthy choices in what you eat. Practice patience.

Aquarius: Life is satisfying. Live in the present and take things one day at a time. You find balance with times of solitude. Enjoy artistic pursuits. Actions are secretive. It is ok to make the first move.

Pisces: Blockages are present beyond your control. The best thing is to do nothing until you receive a sign. Good time to explore history, law, education and religion. Some relationships are imbalanced. Meditation will help.

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