Horoscope for January 2015, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 4th, 2015 by

Sandra Crystal Ball

Happy New Year! Here are my Horoscope Predictions for the Signs of the Zodiac for January 2015! Enjoy!

Aries:  Life is peaceful and balanced. Meditation is powerful. Legal matters, partnerships and marriage are favorable. Good time for working with computers. Diets will be successful.

Taurus: Finances are stable and secure. Good time for communications and working with your fingers. Pay attention to details. Success is achieved with proper education. Maintain honesty.

Gemini: Career areas are powerful even of the pay is not the best. Money is saved for a major purchase. Health improves. Ambition is strong. Relationship areas can be hard to approach.

Cancer: This month brings mental clarity. Communications need to be clear and direct. Good time for writing projects. Think about what you want before you proceed. Plans are called for.

Leo:  Efforts are rewarded for your hard work. This is a time for careful spending and budgets. Trust areas are tested. Someone seems protective and they have a personal agenda. Exercise is beneficial.

Virgo:  You are moving forward in a positive way. Ares such as career changes, moves, and traveling are highlighted. The home is wherever you are. You are comfortable around others. Memory is good.

Libra:  Relationships and partnerships are highlighted this month. Love comes together and wherever there is love, there is prosperity. People are attracted to you. Opportunities open.

Scorpio: Laughter and humor are rejuvenating. Not everything should be said to all persons. This is a month for persistence. Pay attention to your health. Strong attractions are hard to ignore.

Sagittarius: Ever fiber of your being screams for change; however you must be patient and wait for a sign. Spend time in areas that have been neglected. You are highly intelligent. The doors will open.

Capricorn: Challenges are overwhelming and will require hours to sort out. Anger is justified even if the other side does not listen. Seek areas that bring fulfillment. Faith and family areas are tested.

Aquarius:  This is a busy month. Good time for traveling, seeking higher levels of education and real estate transactions. Money and health are improved. Three-year cycles are ending.

Pisces: Prayers are answered. New career opportunities are presented. Life is fun. You have the energy to manifest goals. Avoid anger and get rest. The will is activated and the journey is exciting.

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