The Rose of Jericho

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Have you ever activated good fortune with the Rose of Jericho? I have a fresh batch of these marvelous plants ready and waiting to bring you money!

For centuries, this amazing plant has been used to attract qualities such as the following: Money, Prosperity, Good Health, Strength, Happiness, Comfort, Success, Positive, Peace, and Good Luck. It raises Energy Vibrations.
The Rose of Jericho is known as the Resurrection Plant and the Dinosaur Plant. It is an unusual plant that belongs to the Tumbleweed family. The Jericho Rose lives in desert environments.

Place the Rose of Jericho in a saucer or bowl of water. The water should cover only the lower root portion of the plant. Leave it in the water and watch it open into a lovely plant.

Prayers can be said over the Rose of Jericho and the water can be used in magickal ways in your home. Sprinkle the water across your doorstep or mix some with the cleaning water used to mop your floor. Once you have received money and/or success that you have activated it for, you can remove the Jericho Rose from the water. The Rose of Jericho will close back up so you can use it again.

The Rose of Jericho is large and costs $4.99. Comes complete with instructions.

Contact me if you want to buy a Rose of Jericho. By phone at (305) 322-5598 or email at

Rose of Jericho photo by Renee Scannell.

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