Case #005 The Vampire’s Tomb

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gothic-vampire-vector-illustration_k2268124Mystical Aamulet X-File Case #005    Case Topic:  Vampire

In the early morning hours around April 5, 1989, a series of events placed the subject in a South Florida graveyard around 4 a.m. with a friend and two women. The subject’s friend worked at the graveyard and he wanted to impress/scare the women who were new dates. They all went to the tomb of the vampire. It was located in an above ground mausoleum. The friend said four days ago when the employees arrived to work, they found a large pool of blood in a trail leading to the door of the crypt.

They look around and saw the door of the crypt was cracked all around the edges and opened slightly. The grave caretakers arranged for the crypt to be resealed with concrete and have the blood cleaned up.

The next day, another pool of blood was found leading to the crypt and the seal around the door was cracked again and the door reopened. Once more the crack was resealed and the blood was cleaned up. On the third day, only the crack was broken, but no more blood was found. It was decided not to continue spending money to reseal the door. The subject, his friend, and the two women were in the graveyard the evening after this.

The subject works in construction and has vast knowledge and experience in the building of structures and the materials used. Upon close examination of the door, the subject saw that by the way the crack had formed in the concrete, it indicated that the crypt door could only have been opened from the Inside Out!

No further research or follow-up has been made.

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  1. Delia Contreras

    Yes they do exist for thousands of years. Some here on Earth some in other dimensions.They also keep up with the times. By their energy you shall know them.


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