Sandra Cheryl Richardson is an internationally renowned psychic consultant, Wiccan priestess, paranormal investigator, and metaphysical teacher. She is also the internationally recognized author of the books, “Magicka Formularia” and “Journey of the Soul”.

“Magicka Formularia”, which was first printed in 2001, explores the formulas of magick and answers just about every question on the topic of sympathetic magick. It is available in paperback.  “Journey of the Soul” tells the story of Sandra’s teacher and mentor in Wicca. It is available on iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and other ebook formats.

In 2012, Sandra produced an app for Apple’s iTunes called Wiccan Sabbats. It provides information about the holy days, which are sacred to a person of the Wiccan belief system. The app is very popular and has enjoyed high reviews.

Sandra now has a channel on Youtube called Metaphysics and Magick. This is an educational series and covers many areas of metaphysics, magick, and the Wiccan religion. New videos are added regularly. You are invited to subscribe to Sandra’s channel.

Within the realm of Wicca, Sandra is the Grand Elder High Priestess of the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising, a Wiccan coven in Miami, Florida. Her involvement with the coven spans over twenty years, and the Circle of Isis Rising is the only coven Sandra has ever been initiated into in this life. Check out the website at www.circleofisisrising.org.

Sandra’s expertise covers the areas of psychic realms, occult phenomena and Witchcraft. As a result, she has been asked to appear on local (Miami), national (Discovery Channel), and international television stations (Telemundo). This is in addition to the various radio programs where Sandra has made appearances.

Positive acclaim from various newspapers in Miami has been bestowed upon Sandra. She was named “Best Psychic” by the Miami New Times, for the years 2012, 1996, and 1992. Sandra is available for appointments in person as well as by phone or by the Internet.

Attendees at various public events have enjoyed her lectures on the topics of Witchcraft and the occult. The types of events where Sandra has appeared include the following: Miami high schools, universities, women’s groups and various public gatherings. The Miami Police Department also invited her to speak before officers from all over the country on the topic of Witchcraft. Serving the South Florida community as a psychic consultant, lecturer, and priestess has been Sandra’s full time career for over twenty years.

See the transcript from Channel 7 News feature called Festival of Fire on Sandra and her Coven from February 3-4, 2005.

She later contributed to a feature on the cleansing aspects of smudging entitled Fear No Evil airing February 22-23, 2006.

See Sandra’s other videos on www.eHow.com. She filmed 18 different videos on topics ranging from areas such as “About Wiccan Dating” to “How to Make a Wiccan Robe.”  These same videos are also posted on YouTube. Sandra’s videos have been viewed by thousands of people.

Visit Sandra’s websites:  www.mysticalamulet.com, and www.moonpathcuups.org/scr/ and www.circleofisisrising.org

Contact Sandra by phone at (305) 322-5598, or by e-mail at sandra@sandrarichardson.com.