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Horoscope for October 2014!

September 25th, 2014 by

Here are my psychic predictions for the zodiac for October 2014. If you find them helpful, please share!

Aries: This is not the time to act upon decisions you are contemplating. There is a state of negativity and/or hurt feelings that needs to clear. Seek variety. Good month for writing and experimenting.

Taurus: Live in the present and laugh more. There can be no compromise. You will find the solution. The time is not right for changes. Stick with what you know. Strong sensual attraction is present.

Gemini: You feel renewed, almost like a new person! There is unconditional love. Let this be the time to get out of sticky situations. You are on the brink of transformation. Finances improve.

Cancer: Love comes together. Relationships are examined. Good month for travel. Budget your finances better. You need better direction. Writing things down will help. What you say is important.

Leo: You have done a lot for others and do not feel the same in return. The attitude is negative. Avoid commitments this month. Personal freedom is desired. Your heart needs healing.

Virgo: Life is balanced. Good time for legal areas, marriages, working with computers, and weight loss. Situations work in a fair manner. Hard work is needed for your projects. Keep it clean!

Libra: Good time for business arrangements, partnerships, and organizational planning. If you are in a situation where there is no easy solution, use justice and your moral character. You feel burdened.

Scorpio: This is the time for action with your career and business. Be expressive and direct in your speech. Marriage is not appealing this month. Listen to advice however, do what is right for you.

Sagittarius: Good time to let go of who or what is holding you back. This is the month to give shape and form to your ideas. Planning is needed otherwise your mind is just very active. Travel is fun.

Capricorn: Situations happen fast and all at once. Pay attention to the details. Your insecurities and doubts are affecting your relationships. Focus on the positive! Legal matters are put on hold.

Aquarius: Your attitudes and behavior are changing. Remain true to yourself. Intense love comes from a most unexpected area. Someone around you is not the same to your face as behind your back.

Pisces: There are some areas where you are too focused and consumed. Look around you and recognize the people that love you. Good time for artistic pursuits. Follow the song of your heart.

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Horoscope for July 2014

July 8th, 2014 by


Aries: Enjoy those moments of personal freedom. Hurt feelings from the past need to be healed if you want better relationships. Attitudes are negative and all arguments should be avoided.

Taurus: Money is abundant however you will work hard for it. Thoughts are towards construction projects. You are protected and have security. Avoid people who just don’t get it. Make efforts in love.

Gemini: This is the perfect time to get reorganized. Business areas show success if logic and common sense are used. Plan before proceeding. Your life is ready for a new beginning. Money improves.

Cancer: You finally feel in control of your life. Thoughts will manifest so choose them wisely. Good time for communications and travel. Let go of situations from the past. Think about something else.

Leo: The focus should be on what you want, and not be on what you do not want. Enjoy relationships instead of questioning them. Artistic interests provide distraction. Allow new ideas.

Virgo: Your spirit feels free to do what you want without concerns towards money or security. New beginnings are exciting. You are very optimistic. Be sensitive to others. It’s not always about you.

Libra: Believe in yourself! You are smart, persistent, responsible and driven towards success. Let go of any guilt. Love yourself so other people can love you. Be careful of the words you speak in anger.

Scorpio: You are filled with brilliant ideas; however planning is necessary. Expenses can be trimmed for more money. Relationships need a different approach. Thoughts are towards moving and travel.

Sagittarius: This is a good time to change behavior patterns that are not working. Release resistance. Goals can take a year or more to manifest. If you stick with it, you will succeed. Intuition is strong.

Capricorn: You are very busy this month. Do not judge without evidence. It will help with jealousy. You are helpful to others even if you are dependent upon them. Long-term relationships are possible.

Aquarius: There is too much focus on one area of your life. Other people can feel ignored. It is okay to follow your dreams. Just keep things balanced. Express the positive, and hold back on the negative.

Pisces: Love is strong, beautiful, and happy. Finances are growing quickly. Thinking about a new vehicle? Pregnancy is indicated so choose wisely. You make a powerful new friend.

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Horoscope for June 2014

June 2nd, 2014 by

Sandra Tarot

Here are my horoscope predictions for June.

Aries:  Career success results from hard work and determination. Ambition is strong. Relationships have “hard to approach” energies. Money is saved for a large purchase. Don’t be so picky.

Taurus:   You may find yourself with lots of things to do and little time to do them. Stay focused on your goals. Jealousy is not valid – you do not see every side. Relationships are long-term.

Gemini: Short-term plans will work out well so long as everyone does their part. Make efforts in relationships so the past is not repeated. Health improves. Save money instead of investing it.

Cancer:   You are at a turning point. Good time for promotions in career. Moving energies are favorable. Dating opportunities and renewals in relationships are shown. Let love grow.

Leo:  You are at a crossroads in life. Courage, direction and leadership energies are indicated. Love contains passion. Be careful with your words when you are angry. Thoughts are towards children.

Virgo:  Secrets are coming into the light. This is a month of destiny. Faith and confidence in the unknown will help with the confusion. The nighttime calls to you. Intuition increases.

Libra: Cut yourself free from people and situations that are restricting. Ideas are good and plentiful; however, plans are needed. Choose positive thoughts and words. Dreams can manifest!

Scorpio: Seek compromise and resolution. Stress levels are high. Opportunities for more money and new jobs are present. You cannot be all things to all people. Relationships endure and home is secure.

Sagittarius: You are highly intuitive. Experience has taught you much. A loyal, trusted friend tells it like it is. Think about things before acting. Anxiety is strong. Don’t take things personally.

Capricorn:  Faith is strong. Use logic and common sense. Finances are secure. Your home is protected. Relationships are ideal; however, your mate is not your property. Be conservative.

Aquarius:  Communications are flowing; however, not everything should be said. You are almost in control – only a little left to do. Keep your thoughts on your goal. Can you solve the riddle?

Pisces: Dreams are within reach. Good time for social gatherings and travel. Opportunities for career are abundant. Money increases a lot. Time spent alone is cherished. Help someone in need.

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Horoscope for May 2014

May 8th, 2014 by


Here are my horoscope predictions for May 2014.

Aries:  Career options are present; however, choices must be made. Wait for a sign to know what to do. Money earned helps expand business interests. High intelligence. Relationships are imbalanced.

Taurus:   Happy Birthday! Enjoy celebrations with other people. Your dreams are within reach. Strong psychic abilities and spiritual connections are present. Happiness is the overall theme.

Gemini: Your mind is very active and highly critical. Be careful what you say and choose gentler thoughts. It can help your health. Be persistent towards what you want. You are a good person.

Cancer: Sometimes emotions should be expressed, not always. Your mind may be focused on one thing and others miss your attention. Transformation is possible. Move in directions that bring joy!

Leo:  Put forth extra effort. Determination will pay off. Avoid overeating, especially if depressed. Live in the present, not the future. Save money for a large purchase. Be sensible. Stay open to love.

Virgo:  Relationships of all types are being considered. Speech is important at this time. More planning is needed. Travel will be a fun change of pace. You have the ability to inspire and motivate.

Libra: This is a month for rejuvenation! More sensuality, laughter, and fun are recommended. Career areas can feel controlling. Money continues to improve. Not all things should be said to all people.

Scorpio: Use your strong powers of positive thinking! You need more purpose and direction to your life. Health is good, except for the nerves. Work on your relationship with yourself. Be happier.

Sagittarius:  Stand up for yourself in ways that are not so aggressive. People appreciate your frank and open talk. Intense romantic attractions are present. You have strong opinions. Avoid arguments.

Capricorn:  Good month for legal victory and success in career. Opposites attract in love relationships. Money is abundant. Travel is enjoyed. It is important to keep your promise.

Aquarius: Life changes again. Career opportunities are present. You have strong ambition and the capability to attract wealth. Health is good. Be flexible in relationships and go with the flow.

Pisces:  Intuition is strong. Experience teaches you what to do when similar situations arise. Pay attention. You have gotten these signs before. Trust yourself not others. Be open to friendship.

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