Paranormal Investigations

In our Universe, there are things that are seen as well as those things that are unseen.  Places where the veil between the physical world and spiritual world become thin give the opportunity for disturbances in nature to occur.  Sandra recognizes and specializes in areas of existence that are considered unexplained.  This encompasses everything from ghosts to vampires, hauntings and possessions as well as disincarnate entities, elementals, and more.

Some examples of paranormal activity include the following.  Electricity is affected and acting strangely.  Lights, electronics, and objects such as washing machines suddenly turn themselves on and off.  Objects levitate and move across the room by themselves. Children have unusual marks on their body such as scratches and bruises that will suddenly appear.  There can be feelings of a presence and sensations of being watched.  Some people have been sexually attacked during the night by unseen forces.  Animals will act unusual and their eyes will follow something invisible moving around the room.

There may be lots of people who can diagnose spiritual problems, but not many know how to successfully deal with them.  Sandra can be of help with in any type of situation where disturbances are felt and things are happening that seem to defy logic.  Her experience is vast and she can provide answers to questions that the science of our society cannot.

Over the years, Sandra has been involved in many types of paranormal matters.  Depending upon the type of remedy a situation calls for, Sandra may call in priests and priestesses of the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising for assistance.  Even though no guarantees can be made, to this date, all of the paranormal cases she has been involved in have been successfully solved.

Fees associated with this type of work vary as each case is evaluated individually.