Spiritual Energy Services

There are times in our lives where we can feel challenged.  Do stress, depression, and bad luck seem to be your constant companions?  A legal situation is pressing and the outcome could go either for you or against you.  You have just received devastating news about your health.  Someone you have loved has left you heartbroken.  There is an incredible job you want, but there are a lot of applicants and you have insecurities.  You don’t feel as if you can shake this negativity by yourself.  What can you do?  Call Rev. Sandra Richardson.

Sandra has studied and practiced the magickal arts for over fifteen years.  She has successfully aided many people in achieving their goals.  You can call her for help.  Sandra has performed rituals that have made incredible changes in people’s lives.  Many persons have been benefited by her healing abilities, including those with cancer.

No guarantees are given towards the accomplishment of any services contracted.  Each client is an individual matter, and we are all in the hands of the Almighty’s will.  There are some clients who are not open to receiving what they say they want, no matter how adamant they are.  For example, Sandra once manifested the return of a lover and the client promptly slammed the door in the lover’s face!  Afterward, the client wondered why they didn’t get back together!  There is only so much Sandra can do!  Remember the old adage that says, “Be careful of what you wish for!”

In physical health matters, personal contact with the afflicted person is usually required for maximum benefits to be derived.  Sandra seeks to work in harmony with the medical profession.  Never forget, however, that we are born, we live, and then we die.  Many people seek help from the occult areas only as a last resort.  Sometimes they wait too long and go past the physical ability for the body to recover.  Again, no guarantees can be made.  However once she agrees to take on the work, Sandra will do everything she can to help you.

In love matters, Sandra has established boundaries as to what she will participate in.  Sandra does not try to influence the free will of another.  She will perform rituals for success in love, finding your soul mate, and marriage, but she will not work to make a specific person come forward.  For those clients Sandra has worked with in the past, she has enjoyed success each time!  Obviously there can be no guarantees, but if you are truly open to improvement in love, Sandra believes she can help.

The cost for this type of work can be quite expensive.  It depends upon the situation and the amount of time Sandra feels is required.  She can also make personalized ritual recommendations so you can perform the work yourself.  This type of consultation costs considerably less.