As a priestess serving the South Florida community for over 15 years, Sandra has performed many wedding ceremonies.  Each wedding ceremony is custom designed according to the couple’s input.  No two weddings have ever been alike.  Sandra offers traditional ceremonies as well as those that are considered non-traditional.

Basically, there are two types of weddings services provided: the legal ceremony and the spiritual ceremony.  As the name implies, the legal ceremony is a marriage recognized on state and federal levels.  Sandra takes care of all of the details concerning the filing of the proper paperwork.  All the couple has to do is obtain the marriage license.  The spiritual ceremony is the same as the legal ceremony; with the obvious exception that it is not legally recognized.  It is a ritual performed before the Almighty and can be adapted to fit any religion.  In addition to Wiccan and Pagan wedding services, Sandra has performed wedding ceremonies for people of religions such as Hinduism, Catholicism, and other traditions of Christianity.

Wiccan weddings are known as handfastings and there are two types.  The first type is known as a Tell-Town Wedding.  This is a spiritual ceremony that traditionally represents the commitment of the couple to be together for the time period of a year and a day.  During the year and a day, the couple enjoys their relationship without the worry of anyone leaving abruptly should an argument occur.  The commitment is there for the couple to work with each other through all conditions.  After the year and a day, the couple decides to either make their relationship permanent (legally or spiritually) or they can part ways amicably and without any karmic repercussions.  This type of ceremony is not legally binding to the couple.

The second type of wedding is called a Green Woods ceremony.  This type of wedding can be spiritual or legal.  It represents a serious life-commitment by the couple to be united together for all in the world to know.  The commitment with this ceremony can be made to exist within this lifetime, for as long as love lasts, or throughout eternity.

Prices depend on traveling distance, rehearsal needs, and the type of wedding chosen.