All creatures of the Universe have a living spirit.  It is the birth right of every sentient being to seek illumination as well as the learning which leads to it.  This is one of the basic teachings of Sandra’s mentor, Lady Nicole Everett, regarding a person searching for the path of the Wiccan, the path of the Witch.

Sandra provides the opportunity for you to establish a sense of belonging to the Old Religion with the Ritual of Wiccaning.  It can be considered a sort of Wiccan baptism ceremony that introduces you to the Almighty and officially places you upon the path of the Sacred Covenant.  The Wiccaning Ritual holds no commitment to anything or anyone – you are not even committed to remain on the path of Wicca.  All this ritual does is to provide Divine protection and the feeling of acceptance into the religion.  You feel more comfortable with your place in the Universe.  Also at the Wiccaning, the applicant may choose a new name, known as the Pagan name, to associate with the new Pagan identity.

In this ritual, you are presented before the Gods so you can formally state your intention to follow the path of Wicca.  To begin, Sandra casts or creates a sacred space known as a circle.  This is an energy globe or sphere that surrounds and protects everyone within it.  Everyone is anointed with special holy oil.  The person to be Wiccaned comes forward freely and of his or her own free will.  Special prayers are said.

The ritual can be performed for anyone.  In fact, Sandra has Wiccaned many people over the past 16 years from infants to adults.  Many Pagan parents are choosing this ceremony for their children.  Adaptations of the ritual can be made so that a multitude of choices are available.  For example, in the ritual, godparents may be assigned to the child, presents may be given, and a party is celebrated by all, or the event may be quiet with only a few people.  Adults of all ages have also requested Wiccanings.  People who are solitary have come forward as well as those seeking to work with covens.  Sometimes couples are Wiccaned to indicate their intentions to work with each other spiritually.

Fees associated with this ritual vary according to each individual situation.

**All children under the age of 18 must have the attendance of their parent or legal guardian present at the Wiccaning.