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Halloween Horoscope

October 12th, 2015 by

Priestess of Delphi

The Halloween Horoscope has arrived! See what has been divined for your sign for the remainder for October!

Aries: You have more to do than the time to do it, so take things gently, one step at a time. Not everything is the way it seems. Do not make judgments without facts. Friends and lovers are loyal.

Taurus: Good month for moving, new careers, and travel. Love is passionate and satisfying. You are comfortable being yourself. Save more money. Memory is accurate. Trust your intuition.

Gemini: Give your body the attention it needs. Get good physical nourishment by eating healthy and use moderation with substances that are not healthy. Money is growing. You are going forward.

Cancer: Love comes together! Relationships are considered – all types of relationships. Choose your words carefully. Good time for travel, variety, and working with groups. Intuition is accurate.

Leo: This is a time for persistence. You are clever and resourceful. When in states of confusion, there is only one real choice. Avoid words or actions that are hurtful to others. Times of solitude will help.

Virgo: Major changes are occurring and can affect career, relationships and where you live. You are strong physically and emotionally. Desires are intense. Money is secure. Let go of past resentment.

Libra: New career beginnings bring hard work and an increase in finances. You feel more secure and independent. Areas of love can be hard to approach at times. Avoid being critical. Life improves.

Scorpio: Obstacles are being removed. People and situations change your perceptions and outlook. Good time for new career offers, leadership positions, and spiritual growth. You can have it all.

Sagittarius: Passion has been activated in love. You feel stronger and more courageous. This is time when life is seen differently. Situations with children are highlighted. Old fears are overcome.

Capricorn: You are working hard and exhausted. Limits should be set to reestablish balance. Deal with the present and let go of the past. Finances are draining. You are capable of greatness.

Aquarius: Life is exciting. You have more courage, passion and enthusiasm. Offers of employment are present. Stay focused towards your desires. Prayers are answered. You will succeed.

Pisces: Things will happen when the timing is right. Relax until then. Extra money may be used to expand business interests. Avoid driving while frustrated. A new friend or partner steps forward.

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