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Best Psychic 2019 award by New Times!!

June 13th, 2019 by

To say I am honored is an understatement. In my life, I have had the privilege of being recognized in my community as the Best Psychic by Miami New Times four different times!! Here is the direct link to the Miami New Times:   https://www.miaminewtimes.com/best-of/2019/shopping-and-services/best-psychic-11187573

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Best Psychic 2019

The Power and Healing of Crystals: Black Tourmaline

January 23rd, 2015 by

IMG_6664 IMG_6656 IMG_6660 IMG_6661 Black Tourmaline is probably the best stone I have ever used for getting rid of negative energy, especially those negative energies associated with psychic attacks. The stone is also good for healing on every level of existence. It brings vigor to your spirit, provides mental clarity, balances your emotions, and strengthens your physical body. In addition, black tourmaline has the benefit of being one of the few stones that never needs to be cleansed. This means that if your worst enemy picks up your piece of black tourmaline, when it is returned to you, the stone will still provide you with protection! And you will not have to do anything!

There are many different ways to use black tourmaline and I will present a few of them to give you ideas. Let’s begin with psychic attacks. This is the most common form of negative energy that we receive from other people. When others are upset with you, do not like you or envy you, there is a negative energy that can be emitted from them that can affect you. When the negative energy affects you or touches you, this is considered a psychic attack.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with the sensation of a feeling of heaviness on your chest, as if someone is sitting upon your chest? This is a sure sign that the attacker is physically close by, usually within about 150 feet or less. Using black tourmaline in a grid can bring you peace and a better night’s sleep. Take 4 pieces of black tourmaline (polished or natural). Place them in a cross pattern around your bed. One piece of black tourmaline is to be put near the foot of the bed, one piece around or on the headboard. Then place one piece to the right of the bed and the other piece to the left of the bed. This sets up a grid that you should find very effective. You can enter the grid when you get into bed or exit the grid when you get up and this will not affect the grid’s properties or abilities.

Another idea for a grid is to set up two pieces of black tourmaline near your door. One piece should go on each side of the door. The black tourmalines can be placed on the floor in a hidden manner, displayed openly as beautiful mineral specimens, or the black tourmalines can be placed in open containers near the front door. Then whenever someone walks into your home, they must leave their negativity outside. The black tourmaline will not allow their negativity into your home. It could also mean that they will not even cross the threshold!

Are there moments when you have to be around people that drain your energy? Are you with people who do not wish you well? Is it difficult being around a large group of people? When you are around these types of people or situations, these are definitely the moments to have black tourmaline on your body. You can either wear it in the form of a bracelet or pendant or even put a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket or bra. Notice, Ladies, that I did not say purse. If your purse is away from you and someone that does not like you is in front of you, do not expect the tourmaline to work long distance. If the stones are small, then their radius is small. For those difficult moments, it is best to keep the black tourmaline upon your body.

Black tourmaline is a stone that aligns with the root chakra. Carry or wear it for protection, security, and confidence. There is a feeling of empowerment when having the stone upon your body. When the stone is on you or you are within it’s grid, there is a shield or bubble of protection that is naturally formed above you, below you, in front of you, in back of you, and to each side of you. If you prefer to wear it in a pendant, one idea is to get a chain or cord that is long enough for the black tourmaline pendant to hang over your solar plexus area when worn around your neck. Wearing the stones upon your wrist in bracelet form is also excellent.

During those times when physical healing is needed, keep the black tourmaline around you in every environment. For example, place a piece on your night stand, near where you sleep, or have a natural mineral specimen around you in your living room area while watching television or in your office area. Wear the black tourmaline at all times, except while in the shower, until betterment of health is experienced. Some specific physical areas that are benefited from black tourmaline include the following: mental disorders such as dyslexia and confusion, heart problems, nervous disorders, the adrenal glands, and lack of energy.

I personally hand-selected some beautiful natural black tourmaline specimens that you can purchase. There are black tourmaline bracelets ($22), and Sandra’s Personal Protection Grid Pack ($20). Each grid packet contains 4 pieces of natural, hand-selected black tourmaline, approximately 1” – 2” in length. Sandra’s Personal Protection Grid Pack will provide the stones and instructions to create the grid referred to in this article. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone. If you are new to crystals, black tourmaline is a good place to begin learning the Power and Healing of Crystals.

To purchase black tourmaline, contact me at mysticalaamulet@earthlink or call (305) 322-5598. Black tourmaline will be available for purchase through this website soon.