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Paranormal Investigation Tip #4

October 30th, 2013 by

When performing a paranormal investigation, it is important to ascertain exactly what you are dealing with. Not all things are as they appear. Sometimes people can come to you and declare all sorts of spirit phenomena occurring in their home when in reality, spirits are not the cause of the disturbances. Here is one tip for determining if someone is really having spirit activity in their home.

This ritual can be performed by you or the person in question. Take some frankincense and light it. The frankincense can be burned in either incense form (meaning stick or cone) or the resin can be placed over a piece of lit charcoal. If you don’t know what I mean about using resin over charcoal, please use the frankincense incense in either stick or cone form. 🙂

Next, while holding the incense and starting at your front door, walk around your home in a clockwise (also known as deosil) direction. Walk slowly and allow the frankincense incense to permeate throughout the atmosphere. You can even draw pentacles or crosses in the air with the frankincense. When you return to the starting point, place the incense in a safe location to completely burn out. Finally, discard the ashes.

Now see what happens. How long does it take for the spirit to return? If the spirit comes back quickly, then you are not dealing with a spirit. Seek other explanations for whatever phenomena you are experiencing. The reason is because the frankincense removes spirits from an area. This is why it is one of the ingredients used in exorcisms.


Carolina N. Gauna is the artist of this beautiful, original oil painting.