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Which Element Are You?

November 18th, 2013 by


IMG_3002Artwork by Sheri A Friedman

There are four elements: the earth, the air, the fire, and the water. Have you ever wondered which element is yours? The element associated with your birth has qualities, both positive and negative. These qualities form the basis your character and personality.

When you know a person’s zodiac sign, that knowledge combined with the information about the elements shown below, can tell you a lot about that person. Remember that this is not the sole determination if someone is compatible for you or not! Astrology is a complicated system and there are so many other factors, of which this is only one. This is fun information.

Look up your astrological sign and see which element is connected. Then scroll down to the information about the elements. Which element are you?

Aries – Fire
Taurus – Earth
Gemini – Air
Cancer – Water
Leo – Fire
Virgo – Earth
Libra – Air
Scorpio – Water
Sagittarius – Fire
Capricorn – Earth
Aquarius – Air
Pisces – Water

The Qualities of the Elements:

Positive Qualities: The Fire personality is Courageous and afraid of nothing. There is tremendous Energy. The Will is strong and once a goal is determined, they are Driven towards success and victory. This type of person is very Passionate and Sensual. They are always on the move. These are natural leaders and not afraid to speak their mind. A Fire personality assumes Authority with ease and can inspire others to action. This person can also tend to be more Spiritually Evolved.

Negative Qualities: When a Fire personality goes and goes, eventually they will experience Burn-out. When the Fire personality is coming from a negative state, there can be more Fear, Anxiety, and Panic because the Nerves are affected. Fire burns and so the Fire personality can get more Angry, Dominating, and Oppressive than the other elements. When they are Overwhelmed, Destructive and Inconsiderate behavior can also be demonstrated.

Positive Qualities: The Earth personality operates from a position of Logic and Common Sense. This type of person is considered Wise. There is Confidence and Security. The Earth personality tends to be focused on Health, Money, and Possessions. They like to be comfortable. The abilities of Endurance and Strength mean the Earth personality can withstand a lot of physical work. Strength is internal as well as external. This person is very grounded and gives good advice.

Negative Qualities: On the reverse end, the Earth personality, can appear Greedy and Selfish. There is little movement of the physical body and the person can be Lazy with a Lack of Ambition. There is a strong tendency towards Worry and therefore, the Earth personality will not make progress. Some will consider this person Selfish. When the Earth personality gets a Stubborn streak, nothing will change the position, even if the Earth personality person knows he or she is wrong.

Positive Qualities: The realm of the Mind is activated with Quick Wit, Creativity, and Inspiration. Air personalities enjoy Thinking and can come up with good Ideas. They possess Clarity and Insight. The Air personality loves to Study and increase their Knowledge. Intellect is strong. They can Analyze situations from different perspectives. Writing is a natural talent. Every Air personality has a type of Photographic Memory. They enjoy Travel and can Adapt very well to Change.

Negative Qualities:  When the Air personality has a Bad Attitude, you can’t do anything right. Every move will be Criticized. There is a Cold and Uncaring nature. The person tends to be Confused and Frustrated. Thoughts are Negative. The negative Air personality will find themselves in situations where they have a lot of Stress. They can also be Cruelty in both the words they say and the deeds they do. Trust is a hard thing to come by.

Positive Qualities:  Emotions rule the Water personality and decisions are based on how they are Feeling. This type of person is Sensitive towards others. The Water personalities are the most Psychic. Love is easy and Friendships come naturally.  Memory is good, especially from childhood. The Water personality enjoys Fertility and Abundance. Peace and Tranquility are important. Changes in environment are comfortable. The Water personality goes with the flow.

Negative Qualities:   When a Water personality is negatively affected, there can be a strong tendency towards Jealousy and Possessiveness. They can be Naive and are therefore easily Deceived and Disappointed. When the emotions are at extremes, Hatred can dominate. The person is very Insecure and can Smother Love. They tend to line in a world of Illusions, which can be fine if the emotions associated with the illusions are positive. Usually, however, they are not.

Light the Day

June 18th, 2013 by


Summer. Playing in golden fields. Lilies are blooming. Walking on the beach at sunset. Dancing by firelight. Corn is reaching for the sun. The word summer conjures all these images in my mind and even more. The central focus for all the aspects of summer involves the sun and its light.

We approach the middle of summer, which is marked by the Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer. The Summer Solstice is the only day of the entire year where the day is longer than the night. Summer is the hottest of the four seasons. Light floods the planet. When sunlight shines upon Mother Earth, she responds to the light with growth upon her body. She becomes fecundate.

Yellow summer is seen in flowers such as daisies. Deer graze in the meadows. Lovers jump bonfires to ask for blessings of fertility and good fortune. In times long past, torches would blaze and wine would flow as the people of the earth rejoiced at the upcoming harvest. Fruits and vegetables are ripe and will sustain the people of the earth during the long winter months. Health and long life are celebrated.

According to many of the spiritual beliefs of the East and the West, the first physical manifestation of the Universe is light. This means that fire is the first element of creation. Wherever there is light, there is fire as the source. Fire burns in the hearth to protect the home. It gives warmth, cooks our food, and provides light to see in the darkness.

Fire is the element associated with our spirit. This brings the idea that our spirit glows and burns like fire. Our spirit is light that shines. There are some people that seem to be brighter than others. Artwork from hundreds of years ago depicts holy people such as saints with halos to indicate higher spirituality and unconditional love. The implications are that the spirits of the saints and other holy people are burning so brightly that people can physically see their light. Even mothers-to-be have been observed to be glowing. There is something about love that removes blockages and allows the light of the spirit to shine in the physical world.

Here is a way to connect with the sunlight and to ask for blessings of good fortune in your life. During the Solstice season, and especially on Solstice Day, let the light of the sun shine upon you. Definitely, use good judgment and do not look directly into the sun nor allow the sun to burn your body! Other than that, connect with the light. Face towards the sun, close your eyes, and open your arms in salutation with both palms facing upwards. While standing before the sun, imagine the sunlight going into your crown chakra, which is located at the top of your head. Allow the light to descend into your body and fill your body. Ask for blessings and good fortune. Ask for abundance and happiness. Ask for love and anything else you want. Ask that everything be brought to you with goodness and benefit towards all. When you have finished, bring your palms together in the prayer position. Bow your head and thank the sun for its light and blessing.

Remember, where there is light, there can be no darkness! Light can cast out negative emotions like depression, remove insecurity, and bring happiness. When light fills your mind, your body, and your spirit, then you feel lighter and more positive.

We have never been older than in this moment. Today is also the youngest we will ever be. We shall never pass this way again so make the most of life. Make the most of this moment. Light the day with your spirit!

The Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21 is a great day to get a reading and connect with the energies of the solstice. I am available from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. Contact me at (305) 265-2228 or mysticalaamulet@earthlin.net for an appointment in person, by phone or by Skype.