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Case #010 The Spirit Who Was Not At Rest

January 19th, 2019 by

DSC04149During the days that I owned the Mystical Aamulet in Miami, Florida, there were so many metaphysical experiences from people I knew that I started the Mystical Aamulet X-Files (yes, the television show was popular in those times). As I was cleaning out my paperwork recently, I came across the file and thought I would share them with you. The first one I present is Case #010 – The Spirit Who Was Not At Rest. It happened in 1989.

A series of events placed the male subject in a graveyard in the South Florida area around 4 a.m. with a friend and two women. The subject’s friend worked at the graveyard and he wanted to impress/scare the women, who were dates. They went to see the spirit who was not at rest.

Back 30 years ago in this graveyard, there was only one grave that had a picture on the gravestone of the person who was buried there. As the subject approached within twenty feet from the grave, he noticed that the air was definitely 10 degrees cooler. The closer he got, the colder the air. Everyone noticed the temperature variations around this grave.

The spirit of the person could be felt strongly at the headstone and seemed upset that he was no longer alive. The subject and the two women commented that they sensed this angry feeling and were uncomfortable. Then the subject’s friend disclosed the story behind the deceased.

This young man had become interested in a young woman and they started dating. It seemed she had a jealous ex-boyfriend and he didn’t want to let her go. One night, as the young man got out of his car to pick the girl up for a date, the ex-boyfriend was sitting on top of the roof across the street with a high powered hunting rifle. The young man was shot and killed instantly.

It was determined that the young man had finally accepted that he had died, even though he didn’t want to move on. For some reason, he chose to stay with the remains of his physical body.

This incident happened 30 years ago. The graveyard now holds many gravestones with photos of the persons buried. At night, when the circumstances are right, you can sense the presences of many of the spirits of this graveyard, even spirits without a photo on their gravestones.