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Horoscope for July!

July 5th, 2015 by

Crystal Ball

Here are the predictions for the Zodiac for July! Read what has been divined for your sign! Enjoy!

Aries: This is a good time for setting long-term goals. Do not think so much about love. Instead, feel the love. Writing and travel are indicated. Thinking is fine however you are a person of action.

Taurus: Take control of your life. Pay attention to time management. New career opportunities are exciting. Energy needs a proper outlet or an argument will erupt. You feel competitive. Get organized.

Gemini: Now is the time for action. Make a list to keep organized. Trust areas are considered. Hold back on your spending. Your body is reformed with exercise. Construction projects are begun.

Cancer:  Intuition is strong. Balance is restored. Legal matters are favorable. Marriage and partnerships are contemplated. Money is growing. Computer issues are solved. Weight loss is easier.

Leo:  You are more open and trusting. Higher levels of spirituality are reached. Sometimes you need to be stronger and stand up for what is right. Give of yourself to help others. Move beyond the ego.

Virgo: The mystical side of life calls to you. Intuition is strong. The manifestation of something you have dreamt about is within your reach. Good time for celebrations. This is a month for happiness.

Libra: Take things slow and allow development. Budget your money, which is growing. Do not reveal everything at once. Good month to learn something new that benefits career. Pay attention to details.

Scorpio: Attraction is strong and passions rise. You may be at a crossroads in life where perceptions are changing. Others are inspired by your loyalty and honesty. There are situations about children.

Sagittarius: There is much fun to be had at parties and social events. Stressful situations are being resolved. New beginnings in love bring excitement. You demand a lot of attention. Pursue the arts.

Capricorn: Things are happening fast and all at once. Insecurities and doubts are affecting your relationships. Honor your word when you make a promise. Keep things simple. You can do it!

Aquarius:  There is confusion and uncertainty about what you want. Seek areas that bring more happiness. You are not afraid to challenge authority. Money increases by cutting costs.

Pisces: Hard work is required at this time to advance your career. Money continues to improve. Make extra physical efforts in relationships. You are protected and feeling more secure.

If you would like to get an in-depth reading, call Sandra for a private consultation at (305) 322-5598 or contact her by email at mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net

The Power and Healing of Crystals: Black Tourmaline

January 23rd, 2015 by

IMG_6664 IMG_6656 IMG_6660 IMG_6661 Black Tourmaline is probably the best stone I have ever used for getting rid of negative energy, especially those negative energies associated with psychic attacks. The stone is also good for healing on every level of existence. It brings vigor to your spirit, provides mental clarity, balances your emotions, and strengthens your physical body. In addition, black tourmaline has the benefit of being one of the few stones that never needs to be cleansed. This means that if your worst enemy picks up your piece of black tourmaline, when it is returned to you, the stone will still provide you with protection! And you will not have to do anything!

There are many different ways to use black tourmaline and I will present a few of them to give you ideas. Let’s begin with psychic attacks. This is the most common form of negative energy that we receive from other people. When others are upset with you, do not like you or envy you, there is a negative energy that can be emitted from them that can affect you. When the negative energy affects you or touches you, this is considered a psychic attack.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with the sensation of a feeling of heaviness on your chest, as if someone is sitting upon your chest? This is a sure sign that the attacker is physically close by, usually within about 150 feet or less. Using black tourmaline in a grid can bring you peace and a better night’s sleep. Take 4 pieces of black tourmaline (polished or natural). Place them in a cross pattern around your bed. One piece of black tourmaline is to be put near the foot of the bed, one piece around or on the headboard. Then place one piece to the right of the bed and the other piece to the left of the bed. This sets up a grid that you should find very effective. You can enter the grid when you get into bed or exit the grid when you get up and this will not affect the grid’s properties or abilities.

Another idea for a grid is to set up two pieces of black tourmaline near your door. One piece should go on each side of the door. The black tourmalines can be placed on the floor in a hidden manner, displayed openly as beautiful mineral specimens, or the black tourmalines can be placed in open containers near the front door. Then whenever someone walks into your home, they must leave their negativity outside. The black tourmaline will not allow their negativity into your home. It could also mean that they will not even cross the threshold!

Are there moments when you have to be around people that drain your energy? Are you with people who do not wish you well? Is it difficult being around a large group of people? When you are around these types of people or situations, these are definitely the moments to have black tourmaline on your body. You can either wear it in the form of a bracelet or pendant or even put a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket or bra. Notice, Ladies, that I did not say purse. If your purse is away from you and someone that does not like you is in front of you, do not expect the tourmaline to work long distance. If the stones are small, then their radius is small. For those difficult moments, it is best to keep the black tourmaline upon your body.

Black tourmaline is a stone that aligns with the root chakra. Carry or wear it for protection, security, and confidence. There is a feeling of empowerment when having the stone upon your body. When the stone is on you or you are within it’s grid, there is a shield or bubble of protection that is naturally formed above you, below you, in front of you, in back of you, and to each side of you. If you prefer to wear it in a pendant, one idea is to get a chain or cord that is long enough for the black tourmaline pendant to hang over your solar plexus area when worn around your neck. Wearing the stones upon your wrist in bracelet form is also excellent.

During those times when physical healing is needed, keep the black tourmaline around you in every environment. For example, place a piece on your night stand, near where you sleep, or have a natural mineral specimen around you in your living room area while watching television or in your office area. Wear the black tourmaline at all times, except while in the shower, until betterment of health is experienced. Some specific physical areas that are benefited from black tourmaline include the following: mental disorders such as dyslexia and confusion, heart problems, nervous disorders, the adrenal glands, and lack of energy.

I personally hand-selected some beautiful natural black tourmaline specimens that you can purchase. There are black tourmaline bracelets ($22), and Sandra’s Personal Protection Grid Pack ($20). Each grid packet contains 4 pieces of natural, hand-selected black tourmaline, approximately 1” – 2” in length. Sandra’s Personal Protection Grid Pack will provide the stones and instructions to create the grid referred to in this article. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone. If you are new to crystals, black tourmaline is a good place to begin learning the Power and Healing of Crystals.

To purchase black tourmaline, contact me at mysticalaamulet@earthlink or call (305) 322-5598. Black tourmaline will be available for purchase through this website soon.


Journey of the Soul excerpt

March 18th, 2014 by

Jos ebookcover! 3The following is the first of four dreams from my book, Journey of the Soul. This is the excerpt that is shown on Amazon.com. Journey of the Soul recounts the past life dreams and events of my Wiccan teacher and mentor.  The book also presents philosophical opinions on Wicca and religion.  Journey of the Soul is now available as an ebook on Itunes, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Lulu.com.

The Road Less Travelled

            The narrow, dusty path meandered treacherously through the canyon of barren rock.  Cracked and weathered by time and the elements, the canyon path dropped, twisted, and turned, disappearing into a distant light brown haze.  A wasteland void of beauty and spirit, Dante may have known this place in his worst nightmares.

            Above, the hot dust defused the light of the glaring sun into a sickly pallor, obscuring the sky with a dirty yellow miasma.  The stillness and solitude of this forbidding place was matched only by its stark cruelty.   Nothing moved here.  The area seemed abandoned by nature itself.  There was no blade of grass nor tree to offer refuge from the heat.  Just rock upon rock, sharp and jagged.  Nothing lived here for very long.  Not even the invincible ant or a simple emotion, like fear.

            “What am I doing here?”  I thought to myself.  As I adjusted to this harsh environment, I began to notice that there was a certain timelessness about this place.  I beheld it with fascination.  In its fierceness, I was awed by the wonder of the exotic and seldom seen. 

            “Had I come this way before?  If so, how many times?  How many lives?”  It was as these thoughts ran through my mind that I knew I wasn’t alone, and never had been!

            “The longest journey begins with a single step,” an aged and quivering voice told me.  The voice echoed across the calm as I turned to see who spoke.  The frail, browned-skinned sage in a white loincloth and shawl needed no introduction.  He stood hunched over, holding on to his staff.  He looked for all the world like he might fall at any moment, but the obvious strength within him was inspiring.  Hidden behind spectacles, his horned-rimmed eyes seemed withdrawn into a private world.

            “Do not wonder where you go.  You will be where you need to be.  It is the way of things,” Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi said.

            “I’m not sure if this is right for me.  The road is so long and dangerous.”

            “It always is!” a new voice said.

            I turned to face the sudden presence quickly, almost defensively.  Like Gandhi, this personage appeared out of nowhere.  He stood across my path and extended a friendly hand.  Brilliant white robes gently fell to his feet.  The silver-whiskered handsome face, set beneath a turban, spoke with great courage and authority.  He was a man of conviction.  The sword at his side and the sadness in his eyes showed a reluctant warrior. I did know this man, Mohammed.  His goodness radiated like a golden aura, a sacred refuge and sanctuary for my soul.

            “Let us walk together for a while,” Mohammed beckoned.

            “Where to?” I asked and took one step toward him, unable to control myself.

            “To the beginning.”  he answered.

            “What beginning?  Yours or mine?”

            “To the place from where all things come.  To the divine circle in the Tree of Life, which we call Kether, the Center of Emanations,” Mohammed explained. 

            Turning to the holy sage, Gandhi, I asked, “Will you go with us?”           

            “I am already there!” Gandhi nodded, tugging at his shawl.  He smiled a toothless grin and vanished.  His voice echoed from nowhere, “This is your journey.”

            Thus, we walked together, the Prophet and I.  Along the way we met a humble prince in beggar’s clothes.  He was old, wise, and silent.  In his silence was a well of harmony and peace.  I was not surprised to see him here in this forbidding place.  Had not Siddhartha Guatma face greater obstacles than these?  If so, of what consequence is it for Buddha to walk beyond time and space?  And was it any wonder that in such sacred company, the land did not seem so foreign?

            We journeyed for the longest time.  Night and day became one long, gray, unfathomable corridor.  It seemed a wilderness between fate and free will, Limbo.  And in that wilderness, I tripped and fell.

            As I lay there spitting dust and wondering how I got myself into this situation beyond known reality, strong hands brought me to my feet.  I peered into a pair of loving brown eyes, and my knees weakened at the sight of them.  His strength was great and he held me close.  I was a fragile little bird in the palm of his hand.  Tenderly, he touched my brow and refreshed my spirit.  From his cup he gave me water, and through him, Life!

            “Lord,” I asked the Nazarene, Yeshua Bar Yosef, “Quo Vadis – Why are you here?”

            “I am with you, even unto the end of time.”  He spoke softly, not to my ears, but to my soul.  Every moment of my life replayed itself, free of any pain or regret for these he took upon himself and freed me from them.  My heart stirred at the sound of his resounding voice.  It was a voice from the mighty throne of heaven itself.  His voice was not commanding, but overflowing with love and warmth.

            He wore a simple white tunic with a leather cord at the waist.  His countenance, brown beard, and shoulder length hair glowed with an inner light. 

            “We all journey to the same place,” he gestured at Mohammed and Buddha.  My heart reached out to him.  Loving him.  Wanting to hold onto him and never let go.  Be this dream or vision, message or illusion, I was truly awake.  And if this be sleep, then forever let me sleep. 

            “May I walk with you, Lord?” I pleaded.

            “You always have,” he replied.  He then took my hand in his, and I was an innocent child again, free of all concerns.

            Now, I’m not exactly sure when we met Moses.  I vaguely recall seeing him upon a rock, watching us.  Then, without any word he walked ahead of us, leading the way with his staff.  He did not greet us, nor did he speak.

            “He is not too good with words,” Jesus said, reading my thoughts.  “His actions speak for him and his sense of purpose is his strength.  Even now he leads all who would follow.”  So he does.  Like these great ones, the shadow of Moses is long and his staff is upon the world.  For who does not know of the Egyptian prince born of a Hebrew slave and raised by the Almighty to greatness?

            I know not from whence came the incandescence that pierced the desert haze.  A blazing mother-of-pearl light engulfed us, blasting away the panorama of barren rock like dust in a fierce, roaring wind.  When it subsided we stood in a moonlit garden of flowing springs, flowers, and lush greenery.  Ahead, at the heart of the brilliance, stood a woman in white with a sky blue cloak.  I knew Her as surely as I knew my own soul.

            She came to me when I was a child in Catholic school.  In my darkest hours when answers escaped me, She was there.  I longed for Her, my Great Mother.  She spread Her hands to us in greeting.  She was an ageless power manifested.  Her expression was that of a mother pleased to see Her children.  A tender smile linked a nodding approval with eyes of joy.  Could it ever be otherwise?  She stood before a pomegranate tree in full bloom, surrounded by glistening pearls.  A serpent slept among white and yellow rose petals at Her bare feet.  I knew Her as Mary, but that was only one of her names.  Call Her by any other and She is still the Blessed Mother.  She who holds the universe in Her bosom.  The Nazarene knelt, taking Her silky hands in his and kissing them.  The rest of us knelt with him as his words reached our hearts, “Blessed art Thou.  And blessed are Thy fruit.”

            “All things have their beginning,” Mohammed said to me, “and She is ours.”  I understood then that there is but one great and holy power with many faces and many names.  Without exception, each of us, every living person and every living thing spread across the cosmos belong to the Divine.  All the masters and all the sages are One with the Most High.

            “Truly, I say to you, that before any child is born, first there is the Mother,” Jesus said to no one in particular, but I sensed he was directing it at me.

            “Even the Father must be born of the Mother,” Gandhi said as he appeared beside me, once again.  True to his word, he had waited for us.  I watched in awe as Jesus gave Her his cup, and Mohammed gave Her his sword.  Moses laid his staff at Her feet.  Then She turned and smiled at me.

            “Do you understand, my daughter?” Her voice sang with the splendor of angels.  The grail, the sword, and the staff were the purity of the spirit and the strength of matter.  These objects represent the yin and the yang, which balances the universe.

            “I think I do,” was my sheepish response.

            Her words went deeper than the vision.  She was already telling me which course to choose, the path that leads us to Her.  For the longest time I had searched for the path that would enrich my life the most.  The path of the Witch.  I wanted to write, and share with others the truths I knew so deep in my heart.  Truths born of roads seldom used, for I have always chosen the one less traveled.  And yes, traveling that road has made all the difference!

            I wanted to write for all those who felt as I do and had found no comfort with others, no understanding shoulder to rest where one may speak of hidden mysteries.  But the task in front of me had no beginning.  How do you write about glory?  And then, in that quiet garden between creation and the edge of eternity, I found my answer.  The vision had been all too clear, all too real to be ignored.  Indeed, who is to say what is not real?

            So here I sit, as a modern scribe.  I write for those who are my brothers and sisters in the unity of the One Great Spirit and speak of ancient truths.  We speak of ancient ideas that time misplaced.  Of a life ruled by the Rising Star, the Sacred Earth, the Staff, the Sword, the Grail, the Bell, and the Book.  The candle’s meager flame has kept alive the hope of a thousand years.  Hope that was washed with the blood of martyrs, the blood of Witches.  Thus I begin with the vision and the prayer that fell from my lips as I beheld the Lady:  The Affirmation of Faith.  This prayer makes me what I am:  Wiccan, Pagan to the bone!

The Affirmation of Faith

Thou art a lamp unto my feet. 

Though the road be narrow and rocks bar the way,

my footing is sure,

for Thou art with me in all that I do. 

So mote it be!

Journey of the Soul!

February 28th, 2014 by

Jos ebookcover! 3

It’s finally official! The Journey of the Soul is now available as an ebook on Itunes, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Lulu.com! If you do any searches for my name in any of these sites, a funny thing will happen. Under Amazon Kindle, the author name is either Sandra Cheryl Richardson or Sandra Richardson. With Itunes and Nook, the author name is Sandra Richardson. It does make a difference with searches and this is something I plan to adjust for consistency. 🙂 The price of the book is $9.99. Besides having an amusing story, the amazing information about Witchcraft, philosophy, and exorcisms makes this book well worth the price.

Do you enjoy books that tell a story as well as impart words of wisdom that make you think about your place in the Universe? Journey of the Soul, The Diary of a Witch, by Sandra Cheryl Richardson, recounts the past life dreams and events of Sandra’s Wiccan teacher and mentor that brought her to the path of Wicca. The book also presents philosophical opinions on Wicca and religion. Yet, Journey of the Soul is so much more. Reading the book, one gets an insight to the ways of the Witches of old, the Witches not shaped by today’s New Age movement. These were the ones who practiced their religion by candlelight as well as by the light of the moon. The views contained in the book are very honest and forthright. Essays on various religions are presented in some of the chapters with the final chapter that ties everything together. There is nothing in today’s vast range of Wiccan books that even comes close to this book. Sometimes we need to examine the way we think.

To help you purchase Journey of the Soul, here are the direct links:

Amazon Kindle:  http://amzn.to/1obCCZH

Barnes & Noble Nook:  http://bit.ly/MBGcQq

Apple Itunes:  http://bit.ly/NcHMsW

lulu.com:  http://bit.ly/1jFWBPW