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Hello again world! Here’s a magick ritual for Quick Money!

November 23rd, 2018 by

It has been quite a while since I last posted to my blog. If you are reading this, thank you so much for checking in! It is my goal in this Witches’ New Year to keep more connected. Therefore, I begin by giving you the gift of a magick ritual! It is for Quick Money. Seems like we all could use some of this for the holidays!

Quick Money

You will need the following items:

Dollar Bill

Parchment or piece of paper

Ground Cinnamon Powder

Vegetable Cooking Oil

Gold Pouch or Green Pouch

Black Pen

Small bowl

  1. Take 1/8 of a cup of vegetable cooking oil and put it into a small bowl. Next, put a tablespoon of ground cinnamon powder in it and stir. Put your finger into the cinnamon oil and declare that by the will and grace of Goddess, this is money oil and it will draw and attract money!
  2. Take the parchment or the piece of paper and cut it into a small square around 3” x 3”.
  3. Write your name in the center of the paper with the black pen. Put money symbols all around your name.
  4. Dip your finger in the money oil and rub it between your forefinger and thumb. Now, take the paper with your name on it and rub the money oil all over it.
  5. Place the paper in the center of the dollar bill. Wrap the dollar around the paper.
  6. Place the folded dollar into the gold or green bag and tie it up.
  7. Chant the following 3 x while holding the pouch:

“By dark of night

By light of day

Money, money quickly come my way!

In love and trust, in peace and light,

Increase my wealth. It is my right!”

  1. Spend 5 minutes visualizing an increase in finances, imagining how good it would feel to know you have more than enough money to do whatever you want.
  2. Keep the pouch with you for a moon cycle. Then it will need to be reactivated.

Peace and blessings,



Opening Doors

May 31st, 2016 by

thLast week, I was working with Feng Shui and cleaning my wealth area. As I was thinking about opening the doors to more prosperity, my eyes fell upon a small Anubis statue I have that came from Egypt. Anubis opens the doors to the underworld, so I thought maybe he could open some doors to my prosperity. I put the statue in my wealth area and said, “Mighty Anubis, as I have placed you in the wealth area of my home, may you open the doors to increasing the flow of money into my life with love, light, peace, and trust.”

The very next day, the lawn people came to cut our grass. While in the back yard, near the wealth area, one of the guys hit a rock. The rock flew and hit my sliding glass window, shattering it into a million pieces. When the gentlemen came with the replacement glass (that I did not have to pay for), he fixed the rollers in the door so the sliding glass door now moves more smoothly than it has in years.

Three days later, while in my kitchen (also located in the wealth area), the door to my oven fell off! The hinge was not the strongest and it chose that moment to fail. Now we are getting a new stove!

Yes, money flow has also increased; however, I feel Anubis wanted me to fix some of the things in my home to make the energy flow better. I got the message. This is typical of what Goddess puts me through.


The Rose of Jericho

October 23rd, 2015 by


Have you ever activated good fortune with the Rose of Jericho? I have a fresh batch of these marvelous plants ready and waiting to bring you money!

For centuries, this amazing plant has been used to attract qualities such as the following: Money, Prosperity, Good Health, Strength, Happiness, Comfort, Success, Positive, Peace, and Good Luck. It raises Energy Vibrations.
The Rose of Jericho is known as the Resurrection Plant and the Dinosaur Plant. It is an unusual plant that belongs to the Tumbleweed family. The Jericho Rose lives in desert environments.

Place the Rose of Jericho in a saucer or bowl of water. The water should cover only the lower root portion of the plant. Leave it in the water and watch it open into a lovely plant.

Prayers can be said over the Rose of Jericho and the water can be used in magickal ways in your home. Sprinkle the water across your doorstep or mix some with the cleaning water used to mop your floor. Once you have received money and/or success that you have activated it for, you can remove the Jericho Rose from the water. The Rose of Jericho will close back up so you can use it again.

The Rose of Jericho is large and costs $4.99. Comes complete with instructions.

Contact me if you want to buy a Rose of Jericho. By phone at (305) 322-5598 or email at mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net

Rose of Jericho photo by Renee Scannell.