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June Horoscope

June 2nd, 2015 by

Crystal Ball

Greetings! Here are my horoscopes for June! What has been divined for your sign?

Aries: Your mind is very active. Ideas are good, however consistency is required to manifest them. You can multi-task so make good use of the time. Avoid criticizing. Speak nicely to others.

Taurus: This is a good month for success. Make efforts towards what you want. Business ideas can work. Organize your life. In love, approach situations from logic not emotions. Money is abundant.

Gemini: Money is strong and secure. Good time for communications. Career offers opportunities with proper education. Avoid arguments – no one wins. Analyze situations before acting. Honesty is best.

Cancer: Decisions you make this month can affect you for the next two years. Release judgments. Let people be as they are. Establish balance between family and career. Learn about your family history.

Leo: Frustrations are mounting; however, continue to make efforts. You are on the verge of winning. This is not the time for moving. Be wary of certain people around you. Personal freedom is important.

Virgo: You are overcoming fears and feeling liberated. The spirit moves in new directions. Movement through dancing or trance meditation is recommended. There are more feelings of joy and optimism.

Libra: Seek areas that bring balance. Goals will be met. Good month for legal success, working with computers, marriages, and losing weight. Meditation helps. Be willing to act when the time is right.

Scorpio: Take charge of your life. Go in the direction of your dreams, especially new career opportunities and projects. If you feel anger, outdoor physical games and exercise help.

Sagittarius: Your subconscious is activated. Dreams hold meaning. You are more active during the night. Intuition increases. Secrets are revealed. Love is beautiful. Have trust in the unknown.

Capricorn: You are striving for higher levels of spirituality. Relationships bring forth temporary situations. Psychic abilities are strongest at home or with family. Be willing to help someone.

Aquarius: Difficult choices must be made. You feel like you are between a rock and a much harder rock. Good time for organization, business planning, and legal contracts. Be honest in love.

Pisces: You are at a turning point in your life. Opportunities are present for promotions in career, moving, television appearances, and dating. Love blossoms. Money is stable and growing.

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Sandra’s Horoscope for May!

April 30th, 2015 by


Here are my predictions for the zodiac for the month of May. Enjoy!

Aries: Recognition is given for efforts. Self-esteem is strong. You seek freedom to further pursue your dreams. The spirit realm calls to you. Memory is strong. Relationships require independence.

Taurus: Extra money is coming to you. Be persistent towards goals. Do not begin new projects until the old ones are finished. Respond when someone you love makes efforts. Success is yours!

Gemini: This is a month for taking things slower. You are learning something that will benefit you with money and career. Money is growing and should be budgeted. Health is getting stronger.

Cancer: You are feeling the freedom that comes with new beginnings. There is more vitality and optimism. A major fear has been conquered. This is a good month to go dancing. Love brings passion.

Leo: Strong passions and attractions are prominent this month. There is more focus on children. Do not over-extend yourself in career and use moderation. Stick to the truth to avoid repercussions.

Virgo: You are totally in control of your life. Communications are effective. Thoughts are positive. Good time for short trips. Creativity is strong. Relationships thrive. Money is the way you think it is.

Libra: New career opportunities bring a sense of responsibility. Your strong ambition will bring success. Money is set aside for a major purchase. Relationships have trust. Life is more organized.

Scorpio: Use common sense, especially in relationships. Money increases. Make efforts towards what you want. Stay committed to your word. Good time for new business. Success in career is shown.

Sagittarius: This is a very busy month. Thoughts include higher education, travel and real estate. There is an ending to a situation that began three years ago. Relationship experiences are profound.

Capricorn: There has been a change of your attitude and behavior. You mind is clear and rational. Be true to yourself regardless. Relationships bring intense love and devotion from unexpected areas.

Aquarius: Psychic abilities are increasing. Dreams hold messages. Secrets are revealed. Love brings devotion and loyalty. Have trust in the unknown. Actions are based on feelings instead of logic.

Pisces: This month can bring situations of sudden change. There are confrontations that must be cleared. You possess enormous energy. Passions are intense. Things will work out in your favor.

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Horoscope for June 2014

June 2nd, 2014 by

Sandra Tarot

Here are my horoscope predictions for June.

Aries:  Career success results from hard work and determination. Ambition is strong. Relationships have “hard to approach” energies. Money is saved for a large purchase. Don’t be so picky.

Taurus:   You may find yourself with lots of things to do and little time to do them. Stay focused on your goals. Jealousy is not valid – you do not see every side. Relationships are long-term.

Gemini: Short-term plans will work out well so long as everyone does their part. Make efforts in relationships so the past is not repeated. Health improves. Save money instead of investing it.

Cancer:   You are at a turning point. Good time for promotions in career. Moving energies are favorable. Dating opportunities and renewals in relationships are shown. Let love grow.

Leo:  You are at a crossroads in life. Courage, direction and leadership energies are indicated. Love contains passion. Be careful with your words when you are angry. Thoughts are towards children.

Virgo:  Secrets are coming into the light. This is a month of destiny. Faith and confidence in the unknown will help with the confusion. The nighttime calls to you. Intuition increases.

Libra: Cut yourself free from people and situations that are restricting. Ideas are good and plentiful; however, plans are needed. Choose positive thoughts and words. Dreams can manifest!

Scorpio: Seek compromise and resolution. Stress levels are high. Opportunities for more money and new jobs are present. You cannot be all things to all people. Relationships endure and home is secure.

Sagittarius: You are highly intuitive. Experience has taught you much. A loyal, trusted friend tells it like it is. Think about things before acting. Anxiety is strong. Don’t take things personally.

Capricorn:  Faith is strong. Use logic and common sense. Finances are secure. Your home is protected. Relationships are ideal; however, your mate is not your property. Be conservative.

Aquarius:  Communications are flowing; however, not everything should be said. You are almost in control – only a little left to do. Keep your thoughts on your goal. Can you solve the riddle?

Pisces: Dreams are within reach. Good time for social gatherings and travel. Opportunities for career are abundant. Money increases a lot. Time spent alone is cherished. Help someone in need.

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May 16th, 2014 by


Strength comes in many forms. There is the strength of the physical body, which enables a person to lift heavy objects and to fight opponents. There is the strength of the heart that pumps blood to every part of your body. There is the strength of passion. And there is the strength of endurance.

However, there is also the strength that lies within. The strength that says “I can do it!” And you can!

In the tarot, the card of Strength also represents changes in perceptions. Such as the changes in perceptions when men and women think about having children. The changes that a young person goes through when he/she reaches puberty and matures. Changes in awareness as passion arises when attraction is activated between two lovers. Changes such as feeling like you are at crossroads in your life, looking for direction.

You will know you have the correct perception about life by the way you feel. Good feelings indicate that you are perceiving things correctly. 🙂