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Horoscope for August

August 2nd, 2015 by


Here are my predictions for August. See what has been divined for your sign! Contact me for a personal reading at (305) 322-5598 or mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net

Aries:  Good month for networking with others. This is the time for organization. There may be more interest in science and the occult. You enjoy freedom of expression. Blind dates can work.

Taurus:  Your mind is contemplating many different things. Focus on what you want. Keep communications open and you do not have to tell everything. It is all right to let go of the past.

Gemini:  This is the month to take care of your physical body. Eat healthier and get proper rest. Vacations are rejuvenating. New clothes can do wonders. You are going forward, not backwards.

Cancer:  Strong responsibilities bring difficult choices. Deal with people fairly as your moral character may be tested. Good time for organizational planning, business, and legal issues.

Leo:   Forces are beyond your control. You are very busy this month with responsibilities that only you can do. Money areas look good. Thoughts are on spirituality, philosophy, and higher education.

Virgo:  Decisions are being made that will affect you for the next couple of years. You may learn about your family history. Release judgments and criticisms. Abilities awaken from another lifetime.

Libra:  This is a month for common sense and logic. Avoid worry and “what ifs”. Have faith. Relationships are to be enjoyed in the present. Rest easy – your bills will be paid. Embrace new ideas.

Scorpio:  Trust and honesty issues are resolved. Use prudence with your spending. Money is increasing. Good month for exercise. Work is more fulfilling. Now can be a good time for action.

Sagittarius:  Life is coming together. You have more optimism. Money is strong. Opposites come together in relationships and it works. If you make a promise, you should keep it. Travel is fun.

Capricorn:  There is a change in your attitude and behavior. Intense love and devotion can come from the most unexpected area. Make sure you remain true to yourself. Not everyone is to be trusted.

Aquarius:  Conflicts are resolved and there is a state of peace. When faced with decisions, either way will work. Your home is your haven. Thoughts are about social media and public relations.

Pisces:  Make efforts, even when you feel frustrated. Memory is good. Watch your possessions to avoid theft. Not everyone can be trusted. Moderation is the word – with money, actions, and health.

Horoscope for July!

July 5th, 2015 by

Crystal Ball

Here are the predictions for the Zodiac for July! Read what has been divined for your sign! Enjoy!

Aries: This is a good time for setting long-term goals. Do not think so much about love. Instead, feel the love. Writing and travel are indicated. Thinking is fine however you are a person of action.

Taurus: Take control of your life. Pay attention to time management. New career opportunities are exciting. Energy needs a proper outlet or an argument will erupt. You feel competitive. Get organized.

Gemini: Now is the time for action. Make a list to keep organized. Trust areas are considered. Hold back on your spending. Your body is reformed with exercise. Construction projects are begun.

Cancer:  Intuition is strong. Balance is restored. Legal matters are favorable. Marriage and partnerships are contemplated. Money is growing. Computer issues are solved. Weight loss is easier.

Leo:  You are more open and trusting. Higher levels of spirituality are reached. Sometimes you need to be stronger and stand up for what is right. Give of yourself to help others. Move beyond the ego.

Virgo: The mystical side of life calls to you. Intuition is strong. The manifestation of something you have dreamt about is within your reach. Good time for celebrations. This is a month for happiness.

Libra: Take things slow and allow development. Budget your money, which is growing. Do not reveal everything at once. Good month to learn something new that benefits career. Pay attention to details.

Scorpio: Attraction is strong and passions rise. You may be at a crossroads in life where perceptions are changing. Others are inspired by your loyalty and honesty. There are situations about children.

Sagittarius: There is much fun to be had at parties and social events. Stressful situations are being resolved. New beginnings in love bring excitement. You demand a lot of attention. Pursue the arts.

Capricorn: Things are happening fast and all at once. Insecurities and doubts are affecting your relationships. Honor your word when you make a promise. Keep things simple. You can do it!

Aquarius:  There is confusion and uncertainty about what you want. Seek areas that bring more happiness. You are not afraid to challenge authority. Money increases by cutting costs.

Pisces: Hard work is required at this time to advance your career. Money continues to improve. Make extra physical efforts in relationships. You are protected and feeling more secure.

If you would like to get an in-depth reading, call Sandra for a private consultation at (305) 322-5598 or contact her by email at mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net

June Horoscope

June 2nd, 2015 by

Crystal Ball

Greetings! Here are my horoscopes for June! What has been divined for your sign?

Aries: Your mind is very active. Ideas are good, however consistency is required to manifest them. You can multi-task so make good use of the time. Avoid criticizing. Speak nicely to others.

Taurus: This is a good month for success. Make efforts towards what you want. Business ideas can work. Organize your life. In love, approach situations from logic not emotions. Money is abundant.

Gemini: Money is strong and secure. Good time for communications. Career offers opportunities with proper education. Avoid arguments – no one wins. Analyze situations before acting. Honesty is best.

Cancer: Decisions you make this month can affect you for the next two years. Release judgments. Let people be as they are. Establish balance between family and career. Learn about your family history.

Leo: Frustrations are mounting; however, continue to make efforts. You are on the verge of winning. This is not the time for moving. Be wary of certain people around you. Personal freedom is important.

Virgo: You are overcoming fears and feeling liberated. The spirit moves in new directions. Movement through dancing or trance meditation is recommended. There are more feelings of joy and optimism.

Libra: Seek areas that bring balance. Goals will be met. Good month for legal success, working with computers, marriages, and losing weight. Meditation helps. Be willing to act when the time is right.

Scorpio: Take charge of your life. Go in the direction of your dreams, especially new career opportunities and projects. If you feel anger, outdoor physical games and exercise help.

Sagittarius: Your subconscious is activated. Dreams hold meaning. You are more active during the night. Intuition increases. Secrets are revealed. Love is beautiful. Have trust in the unknown.

Capricorn: You are striving for higher levels of spirituality. Relationships bring forth temporary situations. Psychic abilities are strongest at home or with family. Be willing to help someone.

Aquarius: Difficult choices must be made. You feel like you are between a rock and a much harder rock. Good time for organization, business planning, and legal contracts. Be honest in love.

Pisces: You are at a turning point in your life. Opportunities are present for promotions in career, moving, television appearances, and dating. Love blossoms. Money is stable and growing.

If you would like to get a more in-depth reading for your personal life, feel free to contact me at (305) 322-5598 or mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net

Sandra’s Horoscope for May!

April 30th, 2015 by


Here are my predictions for the zodiac for the month of May. Enjoy!

Aries: Recognition is given for efforts. Self-esteem is strong. You seek freedom to further pursue your dreams. The spirit realm calls to you. Memory is strong. Relationships require independence.

Taurus: Extra money is coming to you. Be persistent towards goals. Do not begin new projects until the old ones are finished. Respond when someone you love makes efforts. Success is yours!

Gemini: This is a month for taking things slower. You are learning something that will benefit you with money and career. Money is growing and should be budgeted. Health is getting stronger.

Cancer: You are feeling the freedom that comes with new beginnings. There is more vitality and optimism. A major fear has been conquered. This is a good month to go dancing. Love brings passion.

Leo: Strong passions and attractions are prominent this month. There is more focus on children. Do not over-extend yourself in career and use moderation. Stick to the truth to avoid repercussions.

Virgo: You are totally in control of your life. Communications are effective. Thoughts are positive. Good time for short trips. Creativity is strong. Relationships thrive. Money is the way you think it is.

Libra: New career opportunities bring a sense of responsibility. Your strong ambition will bring success. Money is set aside for a major purchase. Relationships have trust. Life is more organized.

Scorpio: Use common sense, especially in relationships. Money increases. Make efforts towards what you want. Stay committed to your word. Good time for new business. Success in career is shown.

Sagittarius: This is a very busy month. Thoughts include higher education, travel and real estate. There is an ending to a situation that began three years ago. Relationship experiences are profound.

Capricorn: There has been a change of your attitude and behavior. You mind is clear and rational. Be true to yourself regardless. Relationships bring intense love and devotion from unexpected areas.

Aquarius: Psychic abilities are increasing. Dreams hold messages. Secrets are revealed. Love brings devotion and loyalty. Have trust in the unknown. Actions are based on feelings instead of logic.

Pisces: This month can bring situations of sudden change. There are confrontations that must be cleared. You possess enormous energy. Passions are intense. Things will work out in your favor.

Have questions about your life? Want to get a reading? Feel free to contact me at (305) 322-5598 or mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net.  Mysticalamulet.com