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Opening Doors

May 31st, 2016 by

thLast week, I was working with Feng Shui and cleaning my wealth area. As I was thinking about opening the doors to more prosperity, my eyes fell upon a small Anubis statue I have that came from Egypt. Anubis opens the doors to the underworld, so I thought maybe he could open some doors to my prosperity. I put the statue in my wealth area and said, “Mighty Anubis, as I have placed you in the wealth area of my home, may you open the doors to increasing the flow of money into my life with love, light, peace, and trust.”

The very next day, the lawn people came to cut our grass. While in the back yard, near the wealth area, one of the guys hit a rock. The rock flew and hit my sliding glass window, shattering it into a million pieces. When the gentlemen came with the replacement glass (that I did not have to pay for), he fixed the rollers in the door so the sliding glass door now moves more smoothly than it has in years.

Three days later, while in my kitchen (also located in the wealth area), the door to my oven fell off! The hinge was not the strongest and it chose that moment to fail. Now we are getting a new stove!

Yes, money flow has also increased; however, I feel Anubis wanted me to fix some of the things in my home to make the energy flow better. I got the message. This is typical of what Goddess puts me through.


Psychic Predictions for July 2013

July 1st, 2013 by


Below are my psychic predictions for July. If you would like an expanded reading, feel free to contact me for an appointment. My cell phone number is (305) 265-2228 and my email address is mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net. 🙂

Aries: There are changes in your behavior and attitude. It is best to remain true to yourself. Love and devotion come from unexpected areas. Someone around you is untrustworthy. Be observant.

Taurus: This is a positive time for change; however, first, you need to think and plan. Good time for travel, fun, and adventure. Money should be budgeted. You can solve any problem. Create something.

Gemini: Life is balanced by time spent alone. Intuition is strong. Anger can be on the verge of exploding. Find satisfaction in the present moment. Live life one day at a time. Take a chance on love.

Cancer: Creativity is high. Express yourself and listen to other opinions. This is the time to let go of anyone or anything that is holding you back. Move into new directions. Remember, you need to plan.

Leo: This is a good month to beautify your home, improve your body, and pursue projects. Finances are strong. Time spent alone can bring peace to the past. Be considerate of others. Pursue writing.

Virgo: Situations will intensify and then they will lessen; however, they are not going away. Act when you receive the sign. Memory is excellent. Finances fluctuate. Love is hot and cold.

Libra: Changes this month can put you into a different lifestyle. This can include new careers, moving, and wealth. Endings of situations bring new beginnings. The will is strong. Miracles are seen.

Scorpio: Goals and dreams will take a while to manifest. Spiritual connections and intuition are strong. Good time to change patterns in your life that are not working. Practice patience.

Sagittarius: Others will appreciate your emotional comfort and support. You reach higher levels of spirituality. Sensuality and love take on deeper meanings. Stick to the truth. Let go of the ego.

Capricorn: This is the time for open communications. Money has greatly improved. Ideas can be very successful. Have the faith and make the effort! You are good with details, math, and science.

Aquarius: The hard work is worth the financial reward. Good time to work in service to others. You are protected. In relationships, more than words are needed. Health is stronger. Stay alert.

Pisces: New job opportunities are exciting. Your prayers have been heard and are being answered. You have a lot of energy and vitality. Relationships are invigorating. Money improves greatly.