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Good Cheer for the Season!

December 24th, 2013 by


Happy Yule! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Modranect! Blessed Saturnalia! Happy Pancha Ganapati! Happy Bodi Day! Happy Kwanzaa! By whatever path you walk (named or unnamed), may you enjoy good cheer, love and abundance this Winter Solstice season!

Regardless of tradition, the meaning is the same. In times of darkness, renewed light comes forth into the world. During this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, the days grow short. The sun is weak. Then the Winter Solstice (also known as Mid-Winter) brings the shortest day of all. The light of the next morning’s sun has been compared to a newborn babe in many cultures. From the Winter Solstice and up until the Summer Solstice, the sun will grow and become the strong light that brings the heat of summer. Therefore, the Winter Solstice is a time of hope renewed as well as all that is strong and perpetual. The light of the returning sun reminds us that there are brighter days ahead. 🙂